Just for the sake of it…

I smell something finicky here… Wait. Wait! I said wait will you!! Can’t you see I am trying to look for a missing piece of the complete picture of human logic? Oh!! What is it, you want to know.? It is called reason, my friend… That people lost a long time ago… But anyway, you won’t understand, because I would sound like a tiny midget writing my thoughts here, which presentably, are mature but seem understandably deprived of any logic… and yet I say that I am looking for the missing piece which I say, is reason.

Just have a look around you and try to connect the various dots of the human behaviour together. You may end up in maze of unconnected parallels or with an unanswered question. What is wrong with everyone ? Why do they look for ways and methods to be troubled or trouble others? Why do we always read the news of mishaps or frauds or pending cases? Do I sound like a jerk? Yes I am. But ponder. Ponder again on one question. Why cannot people find the very simpler ways to be happy? Why does happiness have to come to you the other way round? Isn’t there a way where we can be satisfied by the simple things we have ? Isn’t there a way where we are not jealous – possessive may be the generally acceptable word – of our girlfriend or boyfriend if he/she decides to talk or spend some time with someone else?

There is so much to be happy about.. to keep others happy. To not be over involved in what is going on the life of the person next to me. To be straightforward in relationships. To talk to others politely and with a smile if something is troubling us. There are times when confessions may be needed. You can confess to your best buddy. You can confess to your parents, and believe me… there will be no burden of guilt in your heart.

Silence. Think over it for a moment.

Life is pretty simple, people are not. There may be times when someone says something to you that may hurt. There may be times when you may feel down or low but just remember the golden principle… No one is perfect in this world. It is okay to do a couple of mistakes. It is okay if at times you cry. It is natural if you fall in love with a person who loves someone else. It is okay if at times you put taste above health. A bit of extra weight will do no harm. It is okay if you do not score 90% or more in the exams. People who score less than 90% also have an equal right to enjoy life. To be happy and be loved.

I believe that the rarest commodity on this earth is a smile. And to earn it you need not be employed. So be prosperous. Be rich.

Earn a Smile!!


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