It is so hard to determine the reason of a lot of things that happen around you. You seem to be caught in between, balanced in the fuzzy world by too many emotional and abstract forces that bind you and make you stick to the place you presently are. Therefore, if you have to move on, you need to break free from some of them. Now, breaking free has its own consequences depending on the type of person you are. If you are a person for whom people and acquaintances are just some living beings whom you have met on the way, then perhaps you are free to move on. The problems are associated to the people who are different.

I often imagine this world as big web of intersecting paths, each belonging to an individual. Now since there are so many people in this world, it is inevitable that the paths of different people may not cross each other. So if at any certain time you end up talking to the person sitting next to you in the bus, the paths cross. If you drop a ten rupee note in the metal box of the old mendicant, who was sitting in a lonely corner of a railway platform singing beautifully and he smiles at you, and you smile back; the paths cross. If you reach out with your umbrella to the beautiful girl standing under the banyan tree trying to save herself from the rain and she smiles and agrees to share it, the paths cross.

Now if we know that our paths are going to cross with too many people and that we may not them meet ever again, then why do we feel bad when we leave some of them? Why do we especially think about those with whom we have spent some time when meeting at a crossroad? There may be a probability that we may never meet them in our life. Ever. But yet this despicable heart! Falls in love too soon and wants us to stay there. At the time of parting, from nowhere a quote of Shakespeare comes into mind “… Parting is such a sweet sorrow…” The despicable heart again rubbishes all this and says “it is not sweet; it is only sorrow, as you may never meet them”.

There are various words that come into picture at this point of time, spoken by many of those whom you will never see again; words like destiny, fate and life. And also an occasional phrase “well, we have to move on” comes up from nowhere. ‘Okay then’, I say dejectedly, ‘you move on in your direction and I’ll move on in mine’. The things turn worse if you start to like or love someone you met on the crossroad and you know that she is travelling in a different direction. You sigh, and you day-dream for that short span of time on the crossroad until you move on. I hope you as a reader can understand the consequences. Let’s not discuss this. Loathsome Heart!!

You try to spend time with yourself.

Have a pause.

To pick up the broken pieces and arrange them back in place. And move on.

The only motivation to move on in your direction remains the purpose for which you had started to move on the defined path. To see it completed would make you forget everything that you felt bad about on the path, all the parting related sorrows on every crossroads where you met someone.

And one day when you have achieved everything and are living a stable life, with only some counted number of people in your path, after forgetting all those parting related sorrows at all the crossroads, the only memories that linger around may be the ones that you created when meeting someone at a familiar crossroad of life; and definitely the ones that have the gentle hug from the person, whom you had just started to like a couple of days before you moved on…


8 thoughts on “Crossroads…

  1. dont know which crossroad of my life i met u….
    and the best line- “… Parting is such a sweet sorrow…”

    btw phadu likha hai yaar….

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