You are my Music!

Music never betrays me. Never ditches me. Never leaves my hand when I hold it in the middle of night. Music loves me back and never blames me for trying to set things straight in life. Music trusts me that I am still in love. And I know it. Being in love suddenly becomes easy and different.

There are times when it avoids me too. Times when I am too engrossed in work, when I am struggling to make ends meet, when I am acting as an adhesive between all that is around me. Trying to hold everything together. I know that if I become weak, everything around me will fall apart and break to pieces. And at such times each time I look towards it, it waits for me with open arms and a look that percolates through all the piled up problems of my life to my heart, and plays that one note of the evergreen raaga that makes you smile. I smile and wrap my arms around it and it sings to me in my ears. A teardrop trickles through my eyes and falls on its shoulders… It sings again and hugs me back. It makes me realize that when it is around me, it will be easy to deal with anything. Everything.
It whispers into my ears that complicated permutation of the notes that makes me realize that it loves me still. It assures me not to worry. It makes me believe, that when everything else falls apart, My Music will always be there.

My music never betrays me. Just like you.

You are my Music!


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