About Me


I am a part of the crowd. If you happen to pass by me on a busy street in Bangalore some day, it is very unlikely that you will notice me. A common face, and on top of it a common pair of glasses. But common people also have a hobby. I have something more than that, the credit goes to my school where I spent fourteen years of my life learning about how and what this world is, some sciences and mathematics, some computer sciences but a lot of – and I mean a ‘lot of’ – English. Literature is what I was interested in. My text books would have abstracts from various stories and novels by eminent writers and that is what pulled me towards itself. So at the age when all my classmates used to play cricket in the lunch-time, I would most often be seen with some issued library book ( either some abridged Classic or some play of Shakespeare). By the end of my class tenth, although it never added to my grades, I had the good monologues and speeches from famous Shakespearean plays by heart.

Now, just so that you may know me in a single sentence… Literature turns me on and if it is seasoned with some philosophy, I’ll fall for it in no time.

By the way, my name is Amal Gupta, and just like the common crowd of Bangalore, I fidget with technologies at home or in one of those fancy glass buildings whose owners are busy thinking about their growing business. 🙂


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is really wonderful Amal :)….n i agree with whatever u mentioned about urself..n let me say your literature knowledge makes you class apart from the common strata…remember Winsome Paragons….!!!!!

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